Soundop – Audio Editor

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Taxes: Inclusive of GST @18% Deployment: 3 Device, 1 Year OS: Windows

• Vector Drawing Tool
• Shapes and Connectors
• Rich Text Formatting
• Bar Codes
• Automatic Layouts
• Printing and export to PDF
• Image Generation
• Visio® Compatibility

Soundop – Audio Editor
Soundop – Audio Editor



About Soundop Audio Editor

Soundop is a professional audio editor for Windows to record, edit, mix and master audio contents in intuitive and flexible way. It supports both waveform and spectral editing.

Soundop provides well-designed built-in effects as well as support for VST and VST3 effect plug-ins, and support parallel or mid-side effect groups to create composite effects.

The audio engine supports ASIO, WASAPI, MME, and DirectSound driver, and records audio with 24-bit precision and up to 192 kHz.

Soundop supports loading audio from all popular audio and video formats and exportis audio to major audio formats with metadata such as ID3 Tag, RIFF Chunk, Vorbis Comment, and ACID loop

The CD track editor supports burning audio to CD with customizable gaps and verification after burning.

Soundop provides a comprehensive feature set at a small package size with a compact design. You can download and start running the application in minutes and work efficiently with it.

Salient Features

Supports wide range of Audio Formats :

• Support ASIO devices for low latency playback and recording.

• Record audio up to 24-bit precision and 192 kHz.

• Load audio data from most audio and video formats.

• Load audio data from CD track.

• Save audio to major audio formats including MP2, MP3, AAC, WAV, WAV64, AIFF, AU, OGG, FLAC, APE, WMA and raw PCM files.

• Burning audio to CD with custom gaps.

• Edit ID3 tag, Vorbis comment, RIFF, AIFF and other metadata for corresponding audio formats.

• Edit ACID loop information for music loops.

The Perfect Vector Drawing Tool :

With MyDraw you can create amazing vector drawings, by using a large set of tools for drawing lines, curves, rectangles, ellipses, polygons, etc.

Shapes and Connectors :

Many MyDraw shapes have control points, which allow you to visually modify specific aspects of their geometry.MyDraw shapes can contain raster images (.BMP, .PNG, .JPG etc.) and also vector images in .WMF and .EMF format.

MyDraw features routable connectors that automatically reroute when you change their end-points. This allows you to create perfectly connected diagrams.

Rich Text Formatting :

MyDraw features industry-leading support for rich text formatting.

MyDraw also features in-place spellchecking, which can use Open Office dictionaries.

Bar Codes :

MyDraw supports linear (1D) and matrix (2D) barcodes, that can be embedded in shapes and text.

Automatic Layouts :

MyDraw features strong support for automatic layouts that help you arrange your diagrams quickly and easily

Printing and export to PDF :

MyDraw can be used for the generation of high-quality printed and PDF materials, such as posters, brochures, menus, invitation cards, etc.

Printing-related features include a WYSIWYG print preview, advanced print layout and page breaks displayed directly in the drawing.

Image Generation :

You can use MyDraw to generate high-resolution raster images (in BMP, PNG, JPG, and TIF formats), as well as vector images (in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), EMF (Enhanced Metafile Format) and DXF (Drawing eXchange Format – used by AutoCAD)).

Visio® Compatibility :

MyDraw is the best Microsoft Visio® alternative for Windows and macOS (Mac OS X). It is designed to be functionally similar to Microsoft Visio®, and many users routinely replace Microsoft Visio® with MyDraw.

With MyDraw you can open, edit and save Microsoft Visio® drawings (in VSD, VDX, and VSDX formats) with great accuracy and details. This makes MyDraw the perfect viewer and editor for any Microsoft Visio® drawing.

MyDraw also lets you open, edit and save Microsoft Visio® stencils (in VSX, VSS and VSSX formats). In this way you can leverage your investment in Microsoft Visio® stencils, but also use MyDraw to make shapes that can be used by Microsoft Visio® users.

Additional information

Specification: Soundop – Audio Editor

Deployment 3 Device, 1 Year
Operating System Windows
Pricing Options Subscription
Taxes Inclusive of GST @18%
India Software Store
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